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Mallforms Hudson Remote 2.2.0 Release
Hudson Remote 2.2.0 was released today on Source Forge. This release redesigned the configuration page to correct an issue found when there are to many jobs. A scroll bar was added to the job list, a sash form was used to separate the top and bottom areas and images were added to the add/remove buttons. Resizing the dialog is a lot cleaner now. Download your Temporary Walls copy today.

Vol-Track's New Home
Vol-Track has a new home. It is back under its original developers at SP extreme. We hope this move will bring new life to the Vol-Track project. The plans for future development are still under review and a roadmap is being planned. This will be shared once the plan is solidified.

Eclipse .NET Tools 1.0.0 Release
The Eclipse .NET Tools project is designed to add support in Eclipse to do some basic .NET capabilities. This release adds support to execute NUnit tests through Eclipse. The intent of this is to leverage a product like Emonic and extend its core functionality. See the release notes for complete details. Download your copy today.
Eclipse .NET Tools
The Eclipse .NET Tools project is designed to add support to Eclipse to add capabilities like NUnit or Nant. The intent is that this will increase the functionality of other third-party .NET products like Emonic.

NUnit & Console View

Visit SourceForge to download it today.

Hudson Remote
Hudson Remote is an open source project we are currently working on. It sits in your operating system's system tray and monitors the Hudson continuous integration system. Below are a few screen shots of the root menu, the sub menu of jobs and a completed job notification.

Root Menu     Job Sub-Menu     Build Complete Pop-up

Visit to download it today.