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SP extreme was founded in 1993 with the goal of providing top quality software and services to individuals and businesses. These goals can be seen in many of the products we have developed and the satisfaction of our customers.

In 1997, we focused much of our time on consulting and private development. During that time we assisted in database development and web design.

Then in 1999 we began a joint venture to develop a site called DevelopersKingdom.com, which was to become the primary home for all software developers. Unfortunately this venture was unsuccessful so we took over much of the sites content and features.

In early 2000 and for the next few years we developed Microsoft .NET products. This includes web controls and web services. Also during this time we began exploring and contributing to the Open Source community with our product Open License.

In recent years we have transitioned to Java based development and Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) projects. We are continuing to contribute to Open Source by working on projects like Hudson Remote and Eclipse .NET Tools.

We've come very far and what the future will hold only time will tell.