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Imagine being thrown in jail, stuck behind bars with no way out. On each side of the jail cell is a set of buttons. When pressed, the buttons begin to offer hope that this jail sentence will not last forever.

Jail Gate requires a combination of luck and skill to attempt an escape. Pressing the correct combination of buttons and moving three bars out of the way an escape can be achieved.

This perplexing game will provide hours of challenging escapes. With three different levels and an infinite set of combinations, no two games will be the same.

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System Requirements
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • .NET 1.1
Install Instructions

Jail Gate is currently distributed in a compressed archive using the “Zip” format. Uncompress the Jail Gate archive using your favorite Zip utility. The archive should uncompress into a folder called Jail Gate 2.0.

Once Jail Gate has been uncompressed and the folder has been created, it may be placed anywhere on the system. It is recommended that the folder and all its contents be moved to the Program Files directory. Once moved into the Programs Folder, open the Jail Gate folder. Right-Click and hold on the Jail Gate executable and drag the mouse to your desktop and release the mouse button. In the context menu which appears, select Create Shortcut.

Double click the shortcut or the Jail Gate executable and start playing. Good luck.